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Anupama: Anupama will leave family and respect love, will start a new journey with millionaire friend Anuj

In Anupama serial, where high voltage drama is being seen on one side, on the other hand there are some emotional moments, which the audience is getting emotional after seeing. However, the upcoming episode is going to be a little different from all these things as Anupama has taken the biggest decision of her life at the behest of her son Samar, knowing which will again see discord in the Shah family.

Anuj felt guilty

Till now you have seen Anuj Kapadia has revealed this secret in front of everyone that he loves Anupama. Hearing Anuj’s words, Anupama’s family members also get shocked. While revealing his secrets, Anuj regrets that he has made a big mistake. Meanwhile, Samar explains to his mother Anupama that Anuj loves Mr Shah more than she loves him. Anuj has not done any mistake, he has never crossed any limit.

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Anupama will now start a new journey with Anuj

Now in the upcoming episode you will see that Anupama will understand Anuj’s love and gets him to say thank you. All these things were seen in the upcoming episode precap video of the show. In the upcoming precap video, you can see that Anuj-Anupama meet. Seeing Anuj, Anupama says that I had to ask something. Anuj says – what to ask? Anupama says – speak. Anuj says please. After this Anupama says thank you for loving me so much and thank you from the heart. Hearing Anupama’s words, Anuj laughs on his face and laughs while extending his hand of friendship. Seeing the promo of the show, it seems that Anuj and Anupama’s friendship will have a new beginning.



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