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Anupam Kher lives in a rented house in Mumbai, told- Bought only one house, for which he had to be scolded


The apartment in which Anupam Kher lives in Mumbai is not his own but rented. Anupam told that till date he has bought only one property, it is in Shimla. He bought it for his mother Dulari. He told that even after buying a house in Shimla, his mother had scolded him.

mother’s dream fulfilled

Anupam Kher told Etimes, I don’t even have my own apartment in Mumbai. I live in a rented house. 4-5 years ago I had decided not to buy my house. 4 years back I only bought one property that was for my mother in Shimla. Mother Dulari had a dream to have a house in Shimla as she had been living there on rent for many years. He liked a small house in Shoghi, whose entrance was from behind. It was part of a 9 bedroom house.

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Anupam was scolded

Anupam wanted to give something different to his mother, so he asked the owner if he would like to sell the entire property. He showed his mother the rest of the rooms and she liked them very much. Then Anupam told his mother that he had bought the whole house. When Anupam told this, Dulari scolded him and said, you have a bad mind, I do not want such a big house. Anupam Kher is currently on a US tour called ‘Zindagi Ka Safar’. He also reached Priyanka Chopra’s restaurant Sona and praised PC a lot.




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