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Anuapama Promo: Will Anupama refuse to marry?, Anuj Kapadia’s condition will deteriorate

High voltage drama is going on in the TV serial Anupama. Rupali Ganguly starrer The last episode of this serial has been quite a bang. After a long wait, Anuj Kapadia has revealed the secret to everyone that he is in love with Anupama. Anuj has clearly said in front of Vanraj, Baa and Kavya that he wants Anupama for the last 26 years. At the end of this episode, the same question must have come in your mind that what will happen next? There are still more explosive twists in the box of Anupama’s makers. The makers have released a new promo of this number one show on TV, seeing that you will be able to see a glimpse of the new twist coming in the story.

Anupama will be afraid to take a decision

It has been shown in the promo that Anupama will be in a dilemma regarding her and Anuj’s relationship. Samar will explain to her that Anuj Kapadia really loves her. He will tell Anupama what is the real meaning of love? Samar will try that Anupama and Anuj become one forever. On the other hand, Baa will try her best to break this relationship.

Anuj will walk away from Anupama

Anuj Kapadia will realize that he has made a big mistake by speaking everything in front of Anupama’s family. In order to rectify his mistake, he will remain estranged from Anupama. Anupama will not be able to talk to Anuj even after wanting it because now the situation has completely turned. Before joining Anuj’s company, Anupama had made it clear that she would not work with him as a friend but as an employee. In such a situation, she will get upset after hearing about marriage with Anuj.

Babu ji will support Anupama

Along with Samar, Nandini, Pakhi and Kinjal, Babuji also wants Anupama and Anuj to get married. Anupama has never avoided Babu ji’s talk and this time also she will try to do the same. In the quest to unite Anupama and Anuj, these people will start to dig more in the eyes of Baa, Vanraj and Kavya. In the coming days, many more funny twists are going to come in the serial Anupama.

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