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Abhinav Shukla, who is battling this disease, wrote a post saying- ‘It took time to accept’


Actor Abhinav Shukla is currently seen in the stunt based reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’. Abhinav is considered to be a strong contestant of the show. In the episode that aired on Sunday, he saved himself from being eliminated. He was pitted against Aastha Gill in the elimination round. Aastha is out of the show. However, he could not perform well in a task before that. Shweta Tiwari was paired with him. During this task, it was revealed for the first time in the show that he has a kind of disorder due to which he has trouble remembering numbers, letters.

don’t be ashamed of it anymore

After the show ended, Abhinav also wrote a post on it on social media. He writes that ‘I am borderline dyslexic. Now everyone knows this. That’s why I will reveal more about this… It is not anyone’s fault, nor mine, whatever it is. It took me two decades to accept it. Numbers and figures no longer embarrass me. I have extraordinary spatial abilities. I am capable in another way.

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keep trying

He writes in the caption that ‘Yes numbers, letters, words confuse me, I have difficulty remembering things like dates, names, the relation of those dates to names but I am exceptional in spatial ability. Tell me to put all my spare stuff in the trunk of your car. I will I am good at some things and bad at some things. And I am constantly trying to improve them.

Abhinav participated in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. He was on the show with his wife and actress Rubina Dilaik.




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