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Aadar Jain celebrated his birthday in Alibaug’s luxury villa, Tara Sutaria also appeared with him


Bollywood actor Aadar Jain celebrated his birthday on Thursday (August 5). Aadar’s birthday was celebrated in a very special way at a villa in Alibaug, whose photos and videos are becoming very viral on social media. Tara Sutaria was also present in the birthday party.

Tara and Aadar together
The pictures that have surfaced on social media. In those photos, Tara is seen in a white dress, while Aadar is wearing a striped shirt. On the other hand, Tara is seen feeding Aadar a cake. In another photo, it is seen that Tara, Aadar and their brother Armaan are seen cooking something on the barbecue in the garden.

aadar jain tara sutaria

fun in the swimming pool
At the same time, some of Tara’s friends have also shared photos, in which all are having fun in a big swimming pool. Aadar and Tara are seen in a fun mood with other friends. According to media reports, the price of a night in the villa where Aadar celebrated his birthday is about fifty thousand rupees. This villa has a large pool and five bedrooms.

aadar jain tara sutaria

love on social media
Let us tell you that earlier on Thursday morning, Tara shared Aadar’s photo on Insta and wished him a birthday. Tara wrote in the caption along with the picture, ‘Happy birthday, my light.’ Responding to this, Aadar also wrote, ‘I love you sunshine girl.’




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