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Tata Harrier, Safari sales close to 5k in July 2021 – beat MG Hector


SDESYN. by Tata Safari GTS Concept

A total of six C-Segment mid-size SUVs are currently available for sale in India

The C-segment mid-size SUV has shown a gradual growth over time. A total of 12,853 units of such SUVs were sold in July 2021 as compared to 11,298 units sold in June this year. This resulted in an increase of 13.76 per cent in MoM.

Tata Harrier + Safari Lead

Since the launch of Safari, Tata has registered solid growth in sales in this segment. With Harrier registering around 2k to 2.5k units in this segment, the after sales of Safari is consistently above 4k units. In July 2021, he touched around 4.5k mark.

In July 2021, Safari + Harrier sales stood at 4,487 units. This helped him lead the race with MG Motor India, who sell Hector and Hector Plus in the same segment. Tata SUV sales in the segment were around 1k more (922 units) than MG SUV sales.

MG Hector / Hector Plus Lagged

The Chinese-owned British manufacturer shipped 3,565 units of the SUV, which included both Hector and Hector Plus, last month. In comparison, the company sold 3,002 units of the Hector brand in June this year, resulting in an increase of 18.75 per cent in MoM. The market share of SUVs is 27.74 percent.

Tata Harrier + Safari vs MG Hector + Hector Plus Sale July 2021
Tata Harrier + Safari vs MG Hector + Hector Plus Sale July 2021

The latest entrant in the segment- Hyundai Alcazar witnessed a marginal MoM decline of 3.29 per cent after registering sales of 3,001 units in July. Last month, the Korean carmaker dispatched 3,103 units to dealerships across India. The Harrier was followed by the Harrier with sales of 2,666 units in July this year. Last month, Tata Motors retained 2,041 units of the SUV, resulting in a 30.62 per cent increase in MoM.

The Harrier was overtaken by his three-row twin brother Safari, who took the fourth spot. The domestic automaker sold 1,821 units of the seven-seater SUV in July this year as against 1,730 units sold in June this year. This is 5.26 percent of the growth. Jeep Compass secured the fifth position with 909 units shipped to dealerships across the country last month.

In June 2021, Jeep sold 789 units of the Compass, resulting in a MoM growth of 15.21 per cent. The SUV received an extensive facelift earlier this year that saw cosmetic as well as feature updates. Mahindra was able to sell only 891 units of the XUV500. In comparison, the utility vehicle maker recorded sales of 633 units, which translates to a MoM growth of 40.76 per cent.

Mid-Size SUV Sales July 2021
Mid-Size SUV Sales July 2021

Mahindra XUV700 Details

The XUV500 will be replaced by the new XUV700 which will debut by the end of August. The SUV is expected to go on sale in the market ahead of the festive season in the country. Mahindra has already launched a teaser campaign on social media in which the company highlights a class-leading feature in every video.

If Ford decides to introduce a new mid-size SUV based on the territory, the segment could see further growth in the future. However, the American carmaker has a lot to explore about its India-based operations before finalizing a new project.



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