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MG India SUV sales cross 4k for the third time in 2021 – Hector, Gloster, ZS EV


New MG Gloster
New MG Gloster

MG Motor India continues to grow retail sales at the start of Q2 FY22 – 2021 overall sales cross 25k mark in July

MG Motor India reported retail sales of 4,225 units during July 2021. Annual growth has been recorded at 101 percent. This is largely due to the fact that business processes were consistently affected over the same period of the previous year. Sales of 2,105 units were recorded in July 2020. Volume growth is reported to be 2,105 units.

2021 sales cross 25k in July

The sales growth of MoM is pegged at 18.75 per cent. Volume growth is reported to have increased from 3,558 units to 667 units. For July 2021, the manufacturer recorded the highest ever bookings and retail sales of the ZS EV. The end result sees that the brand has crossed the 4k unit sales mark for the month.

This is noteworthy as MG India has a product portfolio that touches on select segments. This was the third time in 2021 that monthly sales have crossed the 4k mark. Throughout 2020, MG had reported sales of around 28k units.

In 2021, their sales have already crossed the 25k mark with 5 more months to go till the end of the year. Most of these sales have happened through Hector, Hector Plus and Gloster. The sales of the ZS EV are also increasing. Last month, the company found itself in a favorable position in a dealer satisfaction study conducted by FADA.

MG India Sales July 2021
MG India Sales July 2021

Hector and ZS EV sales pick up

Rakesh Sidana, Director-Sales, MG Motor India said, “The Hector and ZS EVs have gained further momentum during the month. However, the acute shortage of chips is expected to continue for some time and will lead to supply disruptions. While we expect an increase in overall consumer demand, we should also be cautious of the potential threats posed by the third wave.

MG India Sales 2021 Vs 2020
MG India Sales 2021 Vs 2020

To date, auto manufacturers are effectively negotiating the inventory levels of channel partners. This has become necessary along with a series of long-term disruptions. Close on the heels of the mandatory BSVI transition, Indian autos dealt with a complete lockdown, which meant production and sales had come down to zero.

And while the lockdown has been lifted, and production has been renewed as per the instructions of the state government, the industry has been left high and dry when it comes to getting the chips. The lack of chips is real, and it looks like it’s causing a relentless swallow here.

ongoing supply constraints

MG India has a lot of things that work in its favour. After commencing operations here recently, the auto maker was able to ensure that things are running on a smart note. Having strategically invested in smart processes for better quality. The company will continue to invest to remain competitive. In the meantime, the company continues to develop solutions that create a segment benchmark.

The shining future of cars will be colored by the next generation of technology developments. In the last decade, we have seen a huge breakthrough in the semiconductor/chips industry. We are now enjoying the myriad benefits that next generation semiconductors provide. Industry forecasts expect the rate of adoption of these new technologies to continue to increase. With next-gen semiconductor technology procurement now constrained, manufacturing processes are directly affected.



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