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MG Astor SUV Officially Unveiled – AI, ADAS, Autonomous Level 2. It happens


MG Astor
MG Astor

MG Astor SUV with Personal AI Assistant and Autonomous Level 2 Technology

The soon-to-be-launched MG Astor has a fully personal AI assistant that is about to change the way we use our cars for travel and entertainment. Astor’s personal AI assistant will understand what you need, give suggestions on your destination, give advice on queue and travel times, help out if you encounter any traffic jams, and even help you Remind me of important appointments.

Astor’s personal assistant is like a friend in your car who knows what language you speak and can answer in that language. It will make every effort to engage in conversation on myriad topics.

MG Astor
MG Astor

So, if you have any questions, speak your mind. Engineered and developed by world-class R&D teams, the ZS Platform Astor has been designed to meet the ever-evolving technological needs in a single car. The vehicle is engineered with a premium build quality and has some of the best infotainment systems on-board which can make for a smooth user experience while on the go.

MG Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

MG is focused on exploring opportunities to drive the vehicles of the future in the Indian market with larger production volumes in the coming years. Watch the detailed presentation video of the MG Astor and its AI, ADAS features below. Please scroll down to about the 4.5 minute mark.

In addition, they are dedicated to being part of some interesting collaborations with organizations that are developing AI-powered solutions where they believe their products can add value. The MG Hector perfectly showcased the intention of the manufacturer, and the new Astor displays the same richness and utility.

MG Astor
MG Astor

The auto maker has made significant investments in new technologies that are carefully engineered and practical. Established through research and development, they bring innovative AI solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. They are already using these technologies to promote safety features for our vehicles, including advanced and adaptive cruise control assist, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that detect lane departures and warnings When drivers switch lanes.

With continued development, these features will further enhance safety on the road, and as a result, Astor will continue to maintain elegance while providing exceptional value for customers. Safety and convenience are addressed through Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention, Intelligent Headlamp Control (IHC), Rear Drive Assist (RDA) and Speed ​​Assist systems.

MG Astor
MG Astor

MG India Leverages AI

Rajeev Chaba, President and MD, MG Motor India said, “As an auto-tech brand, we have always introduced breakthrough technologies and now, we are moving ahead with Artificial Intelligence. Astor is a step ahead and a catalyst for disruption with industry-first and best-in-class features that customers only get in the premium/luxury segment. With innovation at the heart of production and continuous exploration of software, our vehicles will continue to leverage AI to deliver a smarter and safer driving experience.”

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology gives Astor the ability to learn from his surroundings and his experiences, making him smarter over time. This allows Astor to become more perceptive and intuitive. It uses AI to search for a driver, recognize human emotions and preferences, understand speech patterns over multiple utterances, enable it to better connect with different people.



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