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Lamborghini Urus on the world’s highest driveable road – Umling La Pass

Lamborghini URUS Umling arrives in La

Despite the challenges of altitude, wind and weather, the Lamborghini Urus captured the Umling La Pass with not only one but two successful attempts.

A yellow Lamborghini Urus was set against the pristine white backdrop of the world’s highest driveable road at the Umling Pass in the Ladakh region. Perched at 19,300 feet above sea level, the region saw a Giallo Auge (yellow) Lamborghini Urus not only once, but twice, across this highest driveable road on 8 and 9 October 2021.

With a drive of 87.5 km from Hanle to Umling La, the Lamborghini Urus took to the road under Terra and Sport driving mode. It is a road that is at least 1000 feet above the base camp of Mount Everest.

Lamborghini Urus Umling drives to LA

The road has been constructed by the Border Roads Organization (BRO) under the Himank project and is headed by Chief Engineer Brigadier DM Purvimath. It is also higher than the South Base Camp in Nepal which is at 17,598 feet, and the North Base Camp in Tibet which is at 16,900 feet. It is also higher than the Siachen Glacier which is at an altitude of 17,700. foot

This feat was done in very bad weather. Temperatures drop to -10 and -20 degrees in this region, with oxygen levels about 50 percent below normal at this altitude and wind speeds of 40-80 km/h. The air is extremely thin and yet the BRO managed to turn what was once a dirt road filled with gravel.

Lamborghini URUS Umling arrives in La
Lamborghini URUS Umling arrives in La

Lamborghini Urus in India

Lamborghini has now delivered 300 units of its various models to the customers across India. The Urus SUV, a strong performer in the company’s lineup, has seen deliveries of 100 units in the country. This SUV was first brought to India in 2018 at a base price of Rs 3.10 crore.

The powerful V8 twin turbocharged 4.0 liter engine of URUS produces 650 hp and 850 Nm of torque. This allows the Lamborghini Urus to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 305 km/h.

In 2021, Lamborghini India has launched the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder, Urus Pearl Capsule, Urus Graphite Capsule and Huracan STO. The luxury market in India is evolving and apart from the growing demand from the younger segment of buyers, who are first generation business entrepreneurs, smaller cities and towns are also witnessing a growing demand.

In September 2021, to celebrate the 300 unit sales milestone, the company organized a lifestyle event. The Lamborghini Day was organized with 50 owners driving across three locations – Mumbai-Pune, Bengaluru-Humpi and Delhi-Jewar.


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