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Hyundai Tucson Safety Rating 0 Star – 2021 Latin NCAP Crash Test


Hyundai Tucson Crash Test - 2021 Latin NCAP
Hyundai Tucson Crash Test – 2021 Latin NCAP

Hyundai Tucson crash unit tested in Latin NCAP was not standard with electronic stability control or any other relevant vehicle technology

Earlier last month, the Hyundai Tucson was crash tested at Euro NCAP and garnered an impressive 5-star safety rating. However, a month later, when the SUV was crash tested at the Latin NCAP, it only achieved a zero-star safety rating. One can imagine how there can be such a huge discrepancy.

This is because the one tested earlier at the Euro NCAP was the new-generation Tucson while the one recently tested in the Latin NCAP is the older model of the SUV. The latter is still on sale in several international markets including India and hence this safety test is still important.

Latin NCAP revealed that it purchased the tested unit in February 2021 after official representatives of Hyundai in the three relevant countries confirmed that the new Tucson for Latin America was at least two years away. However, things have changed rapidly over the past few months as the new generation Tucson is expected to make its debut in several international markets in the coming months.

Hyundai Tucson Safety Rating 2021 – Latin NCAP

The head and neck protection provided for the driver and the front passenger in the frontal impact test was good. It should be noted that the unit tested from the Tucson was equipped with dual front airbags and belt pretensioners for the front compartment as standard fitment. The chest of both the driver and the front passenger showed adequate protection.

However, the driver’s knees were offered modest protection as they come into contact with dangerous structures behind the fascia. On the other hand, the front passenger’s knees showed good protection. The bodyshell was rated as stable and is able to withstand further loads.

Coming to the side impact test, head, abdominal and pelvis protection for on-boarders was good while chest protection was adequate. The older Tucson scored well in adult protection in frontal and side impacts as well as in whiplash protection. However, since the SUV did not offer side airbags as standard, it was not able to achieve a higher safety point.

The biggest concern was Tucson’s child occupier protection which was rated poorly. This was mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the SUV offers a lap belt only in the center rear seat and secondly, Hyundai refused to opt for Child Restraint System (CRS) for the tests. Pedestrian safety was rated on the overall average, while it scored poor on upper leg safety and low on head protection.

Tucson in India

The older generation Tucson is currently offered in India with a price range of between Rs 22.69 lakh to Rs 27.47 lakh (both prices ex-showroom). This model will soon be replaced by a new-generation Tucson that has already been on sale in North American markets for over a year. Test mules of the new generation Tucson have also been spotted on the roads in our country.


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