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Honda City wins consecutive 5 star award – 10th anniversary of ASEAN NCAP


new honda city
new honda city

ASEAN NCAP is instrumental in helping to improve vehicle safety standards and rating systems in ASEAN countries

ASEAN NCAP started operations in the ASEAN region in 2011. The organization initially faced significant challenges, as it doubted whether its vehicle safety rating system would be reliable and acceptable. With its professionalism and hard work over the years, ASEAN NCAP has now emerged as a key catalyst in improving car safety standards. ASEAN NCAP’s initial operations in the region were funded by Global NCAP.

110 Models Tested

Since 2011, ASEAN NCAP has tested approximately 110 models and variants. A total of 137 ratings have been generated so far. The ASEAN NCAP has also been updating its assessment standards over the years. It is based on new safety standards that have become mandatory for vehicles in developed countries. In the ASEAN region, the organization has developed three security roadmaps since 2011.

The first of these safety assessment standards was applicable for the period 2012 to 2016. The second program was valid from 2017 to 2020. The latest assessment program, which is in place from 2021 to 2025, includes several new safety standards. In addition to protecting adults and children, the latest standard includes safety aids and protection for the motorcycle rider.

With the continued contribution of ASEAN NCAP, car manufacturers in the region now offer several safety features as standard. For example, cars in Malaysia are now equipped with at least two airbags, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

10th anniversary of ASEAN NCAP
10th anniversary of ASEAN NCAP

In order to protect the users of two wheelers, ASEAN NCAP will soon incorporate other safety parameters such as Blind Spot Detection (BST). The limited use of BST has been attributed to a large number of deaths of two-wheeler users in the ASEAN region. This number is particularly high in Malaysia.

During its 10th anniversary celebrations, ASEAN NCAP performed live to showcase the effectiveness of safety features such as ABS and EBD. These are both very important in terms of preventing collisions and reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Safe Vehicle Award (2011-2020)

As part of the event, ASEAN NCAP took the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions made by car manufacturers who have shown a strong commitment to producing safer vehicles. While the NCAP provides the roadmap, it is the car manufacturers who really work to make this possible. In most cases, the car manufacturer bears the entire cost of testing the car. The program also felicitated the contribution made by individuals towards improving vehicle safety.

2020 honda city crash test
new honda city crash test

Some of the top-ranked cars in the ASEAN region include the Toyota C-HR, which has been awarded Best Adult Occupant Protection 2017-2020. Honda Accord has been recognized for Best Forward Facing Child Occupant Protection 2017-2020.

The Honda City and Honda Civic have received the Outstanding Award – 5-star in a row. The brand with the most 5-star cars 2012-2020 was Toyota. The winner in Safety Assist 2020 was Isuzu MU-X. The Honda Civic-AEB has been awarded the Safety Technology Award for the motorcycle.



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