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Car Retail Sales September 2021 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Renault, Honda, Ford, Nissan

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A total of 2.33 lakh cars were sold in India last month, compared to 2 lakh cars sold in September last year

Passenger vehicles (PV) sales have taken a steep decline in the past few months and the story continues as they enter the market in the last quarter of the 2021 calendar year. This is mainly related to the semiconductor chip shortage which has been bearing its impact on a wide range of industries globally for several months now.

Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) has said that the current crisis is expected to continue for the next two quarters. As of now, dealers are unable to meet the demands of the customers due to demand and supply mismatch, resulting in long waiting period.

Car Retail Sales September 2021 vs. September 2020 (Year-on-Year)
Car Retail Sales September 2021 vs. September 2020 (Year-on-Year)

Due to low sales volume

FADA estimates that the vehicle inventory at dealerships across the country has gone down to 15-20 days during the current financial year. With skyrocketing fuel prices and declining purchasing power, entry-level customers in rural India are distancing themselves from meeting their mobility needs. That said, the PV segment recorded cumulative sales of 2,33,308 units in September this year.

This is around 33,000 units higher than the sales volume recorded during the corresponding period last year. The biggest contributor to this segment was Maruti Suzuki which posted a monthly sales figure of 99,002 units last month. During September last year, this figure was 99,776 units. The market share (MS) of the Indo-Japanese carmaker declined to 42.43 per cent from around 50 per cent.

Car Retail Sales September 2021 Vs August 2021 (MoM)
Car Retail Sales September 2021 Vs August 2021 (MoM)

Car Retail Sales September 2021

Its closest rival after Maruti was Hyundai, which recorded sales of 40,691 units in September this year as against 36,068 units sold during the same period last year. Tata Motors saw a huge jump in sales volume last month as it was able to ship 23,510 units instead of 16,024 units last month. The domestic carmaker has also increased its MS from 8 per cent to 10 per cent.

Passenger Vehicle OEM Sep’21 Market Share (%), Sep’21
Maruti Suzuki India Limited 99,002 42.43%
Hyundai Motor India Limited 40,691 17.44%
Tata Motors Limited 23,510 10.08%
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited 14,806 6.35%
Kia Motors India Private Limited 13,294 5.70%
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited 10,439 4.47%
Renault India Private Limited 8,028 3.44%
Honda Cars India Limited 7,181 3.08%
Skoda Auto Volkswagen Group 4,073 1.75%
Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited 3,830 1.64%
Volkswagen AG/India Pvt. Ltd. 138 0.06%
Audi AG 104 0.04%
Skoda Auto India/AS Private Limited 1 0.00%
MG Motor India Private Limited 2,872 1.23%
Nissan Motor India Private Limited 2,864 1.23%
Ford India Private Limited 1,900 0.81%
Mercedes-Benz Group 1,150 0.49%
Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited 1,067 0.46%
Mercedes-Benz AG 68 0.03%
Daimler AG 15 0.01%
Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited 1,001 0.43%
BMW India Private Limited 803 0.34%
Jaguar Land Rover India Limited 212 0.09%
Volvo Auto India Private Limited 149 0.06%
Force Motors Limited, a Firodia enterprise 102 0.04%
PCA Automobiles India Private Limited 46 0.02%
Porsche AG Germany 43 0.02%
Automobile Lamborghini Spa 8 0.00%
Bentley Motors Limited 1 0.00%
Rolls-Royce 1 0.00%
other 1,132 0.49%
Total 2,33,308 100.00%

Mahindra sold 14,806 cars last month as compared to 11,267 units sold in September 2020. Mahindra’s MS increased from 5.62 per cent to 6.35 per cent. Kia, Toyota, Renault and Honda sold 13,294 units, 10,439 units, 8,028 units and 7,181 units respectively.

Skoda Auto Volkswagen Group shipped a total of 4,073 units across the country last month. This figure includes models from all three brands – Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi.

Car Retail Sales September 2021
Car Retail Sales September 2021 – FADA

PV growth in the last two quarters

A total of 12,34,340 units of the PV segment were sold during the first half of the current financial year (April-September 2021), resulting in a growth of around 70 per cent. During the corresponding period of last fiscal, 7,26,289 PVs were sold. However, there has been a marginal decline of around 2 per cent with 12,58,878 units shipped during the same time, as compared to the first half of FY19.


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